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Too Good To Say Goodbye

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by bombaXXX

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Too Good To Say Goodbye

Intro: A  G  A  G 

A  C#m           F#m 
   I've made mistakes 
A  C#m            F#m        D     E 
   I could have treated you better 
A         C#m      F#m 
   I let you get away 
A                 C#m         F#m 
   There goes my happily ever after 

 Em   A   D7M               E/D           C#m 
Tell me why, why can't we try and start again? 
               F#m  E    D7M  C#m  D7M 
This can't be how  our sto---ry    ends 
                     E/D                   C#m 
You're more than my girl, you're my best friend 
              F#m    E    D7M 
Tell me, you remem--ber when 
C#m   D/B 
Oooh, I was your man and you were my girl? 
It was you and me against the world 

      D7M                                   A7M 
Baby, ain't no body gonna love me like the way you do 
     Em7                                    F#m 
And you ain't never gonna find a love like mine 

 Em   A    D7M       D7M  C#m  Bm  D7M  A7M 
Tell me  what can I do   to   make it   up to you? 
         Em7                           C#4      C# 
'Cause what we got's too good to say goodbye, goodbye 

A       C#m           F#m 
  Yeah, I'm still in love with you darlin' 
A         C#m          F#m 
  I know you feel the same 
D   E  A                                 F#m 
Oh,  what's the point of us both being broken hearted? 
A             C#m       F#m 
 I pray it's never too late  

(Oh, don't you give up) 
Girl won't you listen? 
(Oh, don't you give up) 

It's you that I'm missin 
(Oh, don't you give up) 
 D/E                   A7M 
Take my hand, I wanna go, I wanna go 
(All the way) 
          G                Em7              A 
If we're gonna fight this fight for better days 
I know we're gonna make it 
This is the chance, let's take it 

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