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Call The Man

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by rominhu

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Call The Man

Année: 1996 - Album: Falling into You

	  Intro: F  Bb  Eb  Ab (repete) 
   Bb        F    Gm                 Eb  Cm7            
  Close the door     shut the world away   all the 
           Bb                       F  
  fight's gone from this wounded heart 
    Bb           F   Gm              Eb        Cm7       
  Across the floor    dreams and shadows play   like  
  wind blown refugees 
  Dm7      Gm              Cm7      F           Dm7 
  Call the man    who deals    in love beyond repair 
       Gm            Cm7       F             Dm7 
  he can heal the world    of hearts in need of care 
    Gm             Cm7            F            Dm    Eb 
  Shine a light     ahead    when the next step isn'tclear 
    Cm7       F          Bb               Eb 
  Call the man    he's needed here... 
           Eb                           Bb 
  ...needed in the chaos and confusion    from the plains to city hall 
     Eb           Bb 
  needed where the proud who walk the wire are set to fall.... 
  Guitar solo chords: F  Ebmaj7  Bb  Cm7  Bb  Gm  Eb  
  Bb  F 
  Verso2: I close my eyes, I remember when your sweet 
  love filled this empty room 
  The tears I cry won't bring it back again, unless the 
  lonely star should fall 
  Chorus2: Oh call the man 
  who deals in once upon a time 
  maybe he can mend this broken heart of mine 
  shine a light up ahead, now tha future isn't clear 
  call the man, he's needed here 

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