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SoA this is who ID am,And Athis is all IBm know,
And I must choose to Emlive,For all that I can give,
The spark that makes the power grow
And DI will stand for Amy dream Gif I Dcan,
GSymbol of my Dfaith in Emwho IBm am,But you are my Emonly,
And I mustD follow on theA road thatG lies aDhead,
And GI won't let myD heart conEmtrol my Bmhead,But you are my
And we don't Dsay goodbyeAwe don't sayBm goodbyeE
And I know whatEm I've got to beDImmoEmrF#mtaliEmty
DI make my Emjourney through eF#mterniEty
DI keep the Emmemory of F#myou and meEminside
AFulfill your GdestiDny,Is Athere within the Bmchild,
My storm will never Emend,My fate is on the wind,
The king of Ghearts, the joker's wild,A?
We don'tD say goodbyeA,we don't say goodBmbyeE
I'll make themEm all remember me
Cos DI have found a Adream that Gmust come Dtrue,
GEvery ounce of Dme must Emsee it Bmthough,But you are my
I'm sorry DI don't have a Arole for Glove to Dplay,
GHand over my Dheart I'll Emfind my Bmway,
I will make them Emgive to meDImmoEmrF#mtaliEmty
DThere is a Emvision and a F#mfire in Emme
DI keep the Emmemory of F#myou and Emme, inside
And we don't Dsay goodbyeAWe don't say goodBmbyeE
With all my Emlove for youAnd what else we may do
We don't say, goodDbyeAGD

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