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Miles to go/before I sleep

Difficulté: IntermédiaireIntermédiaire

by europeu

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Miles to go/before I sleep

	  capo 5th) 
C                               G 
I would walk to the edge of the universe for you, 
Am                              Em         F 
paint you a crimson sunset over sheltering skies. 
C                           G 
I could learn all the world dialects for you, 
Am                          Em          F 
whisper sonnets in your ear discovering truth. 
Dm                    F                   
I could never worship pagan gods around me, 
Dm                               G 
I will only follow the path that leads me to you baby, always. 
C            Gm                  Dm             Am       G 
Every step I take for you I will always defend, never pretend, 
C                   Gm 
that every breath I take for love, 
        Dm                  Am         G 
I could never be wrong, the journey is long, 
     Bb       F           C      Bb       F           C     
with miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep. 
(Instrumental:) Bb F 
C                         G 
I would carry the rock of Gibraltar just for you, 
Am                             Em           F 
lift it like a pebble from the beach to the skies. 
C                               G 
I could build you a bridge that spans the ocean wide, 
        Am                                   Em            F 
but the greatest gift I give you would be to stand by your side. 
Dm                     F 
Some can criticize and sit in judgment of us, 
Dm                           G 
but they can't take away the love that lives inside us always. 
(Instrumental:) C G Am F 
Dm                   F 
I won't run from the changing signs along the highway, 
Dm                         G 
let the rivers flow to the highest ground created. 
Bb      F            C      Bb F C Bb F 
Miles to go before I sleep. 


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