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by aline777

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Année: 2003 - Album: One Heart

Ton:  E Plus
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	  Introd.: E  B  C#m  A 
E                                                B 
Under this midnight sky with you here by my side 
There's nothing that I could hide 
You know me better than anybody else 
E                                                   B 
All of myself revealed, there's nothing I could canceal 
C#m                                  A 
My soul is your to steal, take me wherever you want to 
E B C#m Baby I'm naked, so naked with you A Feels like the first time, I'm trembling, shaking My heart's overtaken E B C#m Feels like I'm falling all over again A Baby come and take me, ´cause I'm trembling shaking E B C#m A My heart's almost breaking, I'm naked with you
E B Baby, when you're away it's almost like I'm afraid C#m A I only wanna stay caught up in this stolen moments E So let's lose ourselves in the night B Forget the world for while C#m Make love till the morning light A Take me wherever you want to... Refrão

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