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Seduces Me

Difficulté: DébutantDébutant

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Seduces Me

Année: 1996 - Album: The Collector's Series, Vol. 1

Everything you are 
Everything you'll be 
                       Bb  F/A  
Touches the current of love  
           Gm  Gm/F 
So deep in me  
Every sigh in the night 
Every tear that you cry 
        Gm Gm/A Gm/Bb D7  
Seduces me  
All that I am 
All that I'll be 
                 Bb  F/A  
Means nothing at all  
                    Gm  Gm/F 
If you can't be with me  
Your most innocent kiss 
Or your sweetest caress 
        Gm  Gm/A Gm/Bb D7  
Seduces me  
       D7/F#         Gm     D7 
I don't care about tomorrow 
                    Gm    Gm/A Gm/Bb A 
I've given up on yesterday  
         A7/C#           Dm      Dm/E Dm/F E 
Here and now is all that matters  
                E7                A7 
Right here with you is where I'll stay 
Everything in this world 
Every voice in the night 
                      Bb     F/A  
Every little thing of beauty  
                    Gm          Gm/F 
Comes shining thru in your eyes  
                Eb7+                   D7 
And all that is you becomes part of me too  
                   D7/F#  Gm  Gm/A Gm/Bb D7 
'Cause all you do seduces me  
      D7/F#          Gm      D7 
And if I should die tomorrow  
                      Gm           Gm/A Gm/Bb A 
I'd go down with a smile on my face  
        A7/C#         Dm        Dm/E Dm/F E 
I thank God I've ever known you  
I fall down on my knees 
            A7              Gm D7 D7/F# Gm Gm/F 
For all the love we've made  
Every sigh in the night  
                    D7  D7/F# 
Every tear that you cry  
       Gm D7/F#         Gm/F 
Seduces me      Seduces me  
         Eb7+   D7            Gm 
All that you do ..... Seduces me 
Contribuição: Wilson Macêdo(wgmacedo@hotmail.com) 


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