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The Reason

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The Reason

Année: 1997 - Album: The Collector's Series, Vol. 1

                 C           Fm                                 C
1. I figured it out , I was high and low and everything in between,
           Fm                               Am
    I was wicked and wild, baby, you know what I mean,
                    Dm        Bb    F   G
    till there was you, yeah, you.
                    C             Fm                                   C
2. Something went wrong I made a deal with the devil for an empty I.O.U., 
            Fm                                         Am
    been to hell and back, but an angel was looking through,
           G          F
   it was you, yeah, you, it's all because of you.
             C                                Dm        F
You are the reason, you are the reason I wake up every day,
and sleep through the night.
             Am         G       F
You are the reason,       the reason.
E                                                       F
   In the middle of the night I'm going down 'cause I adore you,
  I want to floor you.
                  C   Fm                                   C
3. I'm giving it up, no more running around spinning my wheel,
              Fm                               Am
    you came out of my dream and you made it real,
                   G          F
    I know what I feel, it's you, it's all because of you. + REFRAIN
E                                                        F
    In the middle of the night, I'm going down 'cause I want you,
   Fm                               Bb        Fm            Bb       C
   I want to touch you, I want to floor you, you are the reason, baby.
 F C F                                       C          F
        + REFRAIN   + REFRAIN + you are the reason.
             C     Fm C Fm  Am                 Em                F  Dm      C
you are the reason          because of you,   I want to know,   mmm. 

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