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Lay Down Sally

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by Jaws

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Lay Down Sally

There is nothing that is wrong 
With wanting you to stay here with me  
I know you got somewhere to go, but, 
Why don't you make yourself at home    and stay with me 
Don't you ever leave 
A7 D Lay down Sally, I'll rescue you in my arms E7 A Don't you think you want someone to talk to A7 D Lay down Sally, no need to leave so soon E7 A7 I've been trying all night long just to talk to you
A7 The sun ain't nearly on the rise D We still got the moon and stars above A7 Underneath the velvet skies, love is all that matters D E7 Won't you stay with me? Don't you ever leave Chorus A7 I long to see the morning light D Coloring in your face so dreamily A7 So don't you go and say goodbye Cause you can make yourself right home D E7 And stay with me. Don't you ever leave Chorus (2x)

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