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Cowboy Hat

Difficulté: AvancéeAvancée

by P!ATD

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Cowboy Hat

Année: 2000 - Album: The State

	  Intro: EGAC (4X) 

E                    G 
Yes he wore a cowboy hat 
A                            C 
Each bone broken in his back 
E                            G 
All the Money and all the gold 
A                                  C 
Couldn’t buy my love at eight years old 
E                                G 
I’m in love with a girl who’s wrong for me 
A                       C 
Ask her she will disagree 
E                                 G 
Her father was a small town man 
A                                          C 
With small time dreams and small town hands but... 

E        G                A                         C     
I was there when there was nobody home 
E         G                A                         C 
Please believe me when I say I don’t know 
E             G               A                        C 
Gone for good in fact but what does it mean 
E                 G  
From year to year they always sold’em but... 

E                         G 
Easy enough to just look at her 
A                        C 
Whole world on a silver platter 
E                         G 
What’s that? Is that for me? 
A                          C 
If I would set her conscience free 
E                        G 
Won round one but its not over 
A                            C 
He don’t care cause he don’t know her 
E                                G 
Too long ...its not the same 
A                        C 
If I would lend a hand to shame but 

G                       A              C 
You’ll always be so much easier to see 
G                        A                         C 
Don’t hide from me that which I’ve already seen 
G                      A                  C 
You lie to me more than occasionally 
G                     C 
Don’t lie to me you lied to me 

E         G                      A 
I’m as high as I’ll ever be 
I don’t mind stay and see 
E                G                        A 
They’ve all gone why don’t we? 
Lonely as you and me 
E         G                      A 
I’m as high as I’ll ever be 
Later on last to see 
E                 G                    A 
The past is gone only for me 
      C            C…….. 
But I’m alive 


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