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Tuning: C A D G B E Intro e|---------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------| G|-----0------0------0--------0------0------0------0-| D|---5------5------5--------3------2------2------2---| A|-6------6------6------64------3------3------3-----| C|---------------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------------------0------0---0-0-0-| B|-----------------3------3------3---------------3-----3----3---3-3-3-| G|-----------------0------0------0------0------0---0-----0--0---0-0-0-| D|-----3----3----5------5------5------3------2--------------2---2-2-2-| A|-3/5----5----6------6------6------4------3----------------3---3-3-3-| C|----------------------------------------------------------x---x-x-x-|
(Verse 1) Bb/D Eb7M Db7M So as I shift and drift through bullshit Cadd9 That plagues from day to day Bb/D Eb7M Would you ever realy notice Db7M Cadd9 I've gone away (CHORUS) Bb And I'm over the wall F I'm over the hill Eb7M Over at your place Bb I'm over the safety F Over the phone calls Eb7M Over the rage Db7M Cadd9 What a mistake... (Bridge) Eb/D Eb7M Db7M Cadd9 (Verse 2) Bb/D Eb7M When you've lost the stones to throw Dbm7 Cadd9 The ones I found to make a fire Bb/D Eb7M And all the lonely souls that say so Db7M Cadd9 Get fired (CHORUS) (Bridge) x2 Eb/D Eb7M > What a mistake > >==> x2 Db7M Cadd9 > What a mistake > (Verse 3) Bb I've never been lost F I've never been found Eb7M It makes no difference if I'm around Bb It' never been words {F} It's never been actions Eb7M It's never been promises that I've never kept Bb And I'm over the wall F Over the hill Eb7M Over at your place Eb7M I just can't seem to get out of this Bb Pulling on the treads I'm always F Pulling on the treads I'm always Eb7M Pulling on the treads I'm always Db7M Cadd9 Bb/D What a mistake Eb7M Mistake Db7M Cadd9 (Verse 1) NOTES 1. To have the right sound effect play the chords as given! 2. The chords that are used are 6 but they are played in another way in each pert of the song for example in Verse 3 (From I've never been lost to promises) they are played Palm Muted! _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Felipe De Bonis(

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