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Pure Prairie League


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by peter

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INTRO: e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------9-11-9-----------------------------------------------| D|------7-7-9p7-9/11--------11-9-----7-7-9p7-9/11-9-9---------------------| A|--7h9---------------------------7h9-------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------10----10------------------------------------| G|------------------9-11-9-11----11----11-9-11-9---------9----------------| D|------7-7-9p7-9/11-----------------------------11-9-11---11-9-7---------| A|--7h9-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: A G D A G D A G D A G D I can see why you think you be long to me. A G D A I never tried to make you think, or let you *SEE* one thing for your D C self. But now your off with someone else & I'm a D C lone. You see I thought that I might keep you for my E E own. (c) A G D Amie What you *WANNA* do? A G D I think I could stay with you for a Bm E while, maybe longer if I do. (Here's the way I hear them) Don't you think the time is right for us to find All the things we thought weren't proper could be right in time And can you see, Which way we should turn together or alone I can never see whats right or what is wrong (yeah you take to long to see) (c) (Solo) Well now (C) Now it's come to what you want you've had your way And all the things you though before just faded into gray And can you see, That I don't Know if its you or if its me If its one of us I'm sure we'll both will see (won't you look at me and tell me) (C) (C) (Now do the Falling in and out of love part, to end)

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