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California Blue

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by Ademilson

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California Blue

	  Intro: D 
            D                     G     
Working all day and the sun don't shine 
              A                       D 
Trying to get by and I'm just killing time 
           D                         G 
I feel the rain fall the whole night through 
              Em  A           D 
Far away from you   California Blue 
G D California Blue dreaming all alone A7 D Nothing else to do California Blue G D Everyday I pray I'll be on my way A7 D Saving love for you California Blue A7 D One sunny day I'll get back again G A D Somehow, someway but I don't know when A D California Blue, California Blue
D G Living my life with you on my mind A D Thinking of things that I left far behind D G It's been so long doing all I can do Em A D To get back to you California Blue (Refrão) Em A D Still missing you California Blue (3x)

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