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Before You Go

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by peter

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Before You Go

	  Capo 2 
C D G What’s there to say when we’re apart C D G My life seems so bent out of shape C D My love for you will never die G G/F# Em That’s a promise I’ll forever keep C D G Just say you love me before you go
G I’ve been waiting on your call C I’ve been rehearsing in my mind D The things I could say to you C D To let you know you’ll always be mine G Now I hear your voice C Oh and it’s so good to hear D So please listen carefully C D And try not to shed a tear Chorus Bridge: C So the next time I see you G Won’t you take my hand C And let me know D That you truly understand Chorus C D Just say you love me G G/F# Em I’ll do anything you tell me C D C G Just say you love me before you go

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