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One Year Six Months (ver. 3)

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by Laisaum

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One Year Six Months (ver. 3)


sorry if this sucks... its my first tab. i'm really into this song because i really 
relate to it right now, and i hope thats why you stumbled upon it, too. ummm, i guess 
it sounded right and stuff, but you can play it and make the final verdict. 
begining ditty- 
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e|------10-10-10-8-7-5--8-8-8-7-5-3--10-10-10-8-7-5-7-7-3-3-2-3*-- \ B|---------------------------------------------------------------- \ G|---------------------------------------------------------------- | D|---------------------------------------------------------------- | x 2 A|---------------------------------------------------------------- / E|---------------------------------------------------------------- / * 2nd time only, let ring
G D Em Sew this up with threads of reason and regret C Em C Dm So I will not forget, I will not forget G D Em How this felt one year six months ago I know C Em C Dm I cannot forget, I cannot forget Chorus- G D Em G C Em Im falling into memories of you C Dm Things we used to do G D Em G C Em Follow me there a beautiful somewhere C Dm D G A place that I can share with you *little begining ditty x 1 G D Em I can tell that you dont know me anymore C Em C Dm Its easy to forget sometimes we just forget G D Em Being on this road is anything but sure C Em C Em Maybe we'll forget I hope we dont forget *Chorus *play begining ditty with- So many nights Legs tangled tight Wrap me up in a dream with you Close up these eyes Try not to cry All that i got to pull me through Is memories of you *Chorus G D Em G C Em Falling into memories of you C (let ring) Things we used to do

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