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Difficulté: IntermédiaireIntermédiaire

by peter

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Ton:  Bm Plus
Aicha Key FmFm
Aicha Key F#mF#m
Aicha Key GmGm
Aicha Key G#mG#m
Aicha Key AmAm(recule 1 ton)
Aicha Key A#mA#m(recule 1/2 ton)
Aicha Key BmBm(ton d'origine)
Aicha Key CmCm(avance 1/2 ton)
Aicha Key C#mC#m(avance 1 ton)
Aicha Key DmDm
Aicha Key D#mD#m
Aicha Key EmEm
	  Chords used: 
Bm: |x24432| 
 G: |320033| 
 D: |xx0232| 
 A: |x02220|
the intro goes pretty much like this: 
played x2 
  Bm     G       D        A 
and the rest of the song: (it can be played with the chords: Bm G D A 
or just as the intro.) 
So sweet, so beautiful  
Everyday like a queen on her throne 
Don't nobody knows how she feels 
Aicha, Lady one day it will be real 
She moves, she moves like a breeze 
I swear I can't get her out of my dreams 
To have her shining here by my side 
I'd sacrifice all the tears in my eyes 
Aicha, Aicha passing me by (there she goes again) 
Aicha, Aicha my my my (is it really real) 
Aicha, Aicha smile for me now (I don't know I don't know) 
Aicha Aicha in my life 
She holds her child to her heart 
Makes her feel like she is blessed from above 
Falls asleep underneath her sweet tears 
Her lullaby fades away with his tears 
/first 2 lines in Chorus an then bridge: 
She needs somebody to lean on 
Someone body, mind & soul 
To take her hand, to take her world 
And show her the time of her life, so true 
Throw the pain away for good  
No more contemplating boo 
Lord knows the way she feels 
Everyday in his name she begins 
To have her shining here by my side 
I'd sacrifice all the tears in my eyes 
Aicha Aicha - ecouté moi 
// lyrics from http://www.outlandmoro.dk // 

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